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Qigong (Chi Kung):  energy exercise for health and healing

Tai Chi Chuan: health and defence exercise with slow and graceful movements

The Work of Byron Katie: method of inquiring our stressful thoughts

Cyprus- Weekly Classes

Qigong+Tai Chi: Mondays 09:00 and 17:30 Gonyeli Municipality, Tuesdays 09:00 Girne.
Qigong: Tuesdays 10:10 Girne, Wednesdays 18:00 Lefkosa.
Classes last one hour and cost 30TL/class or 100TL/four classes. Gonyeli Municipality gives discounts based on your residence.

İstanbul- Monthly Classes

Please check the Turkish web site

1-7 May 2014: 4 or 7 day retreat in Izmit, Turkey

qigong retreatEvery year in spring and autumn we do our most intensive practise, the retreat, which includes 4 or 7 days of immersion and communion with nature, energy and ourselves.

A typical day starts at 07:30 with a meditative walk in the woods and continues with the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation. After the dinner we usually have sessions of The Work of Byron Katie.

The requirement for the retreat is being open to leave some of your daily habits (a more detailed description will be supplied while booking your place) in order to make more space for presence and joy.

 Our 2014 Spring retreat will be in Aytepe (one hour drive from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport) in a forest 950 metres high. You can join for  4 or 7 days:

1-4 May: 800 TL, including 4 days of practise, 3 nights accommodation and all meals.
1-7 May: 1,350 TL, including 7 days of practise, 6 nights accommodation and all meals.
Accommodation is in two people rooms. The meals are vegetarian. First day starts at 11:00 am, last day ends at 16:30 am. 50% to be paid while booking and the rest on the first day of the retreat.

11 May and 18 May: Central Channel Exercise Workshop, Cyprus

The central channel that runs through the spine and the two guarding channels running on the sides of the spine play an important role both in health qigong and in many spiritual teachings.

The participants of this workshop will be introduced to a simple method that opens these channels and facilitates a healthy flow of energy in the body. This method will be shared for the first time in Cyprus.

You can practise this set of movements as a standalone exercise or together with the Zhan Zhuang system. This exercise is also very effective on healing headaches and neck and back pains because it works directly with the spine.

Sunday, May 11, Agios Andreas, South Nicosia. 14:00-18:00 (This workshop is full, you can apply for wait-list).

Sunday, May 18, Gönyeli, North Nicosia. 14:00-18:00,  150 TL.

31-May- 1 June 2014: Meditation & Qigong Workshop with Master Lam Kam Chuen and Lam Tin Yu, Istanbul

A very special workshop, never done before: Taoism Meditation and Chi Kung for Anxiety.

Qigong is rooted in Chinese philosophy and medicine, and it utilizes breathing, movement, and awareness exercises to promote healing and aid in meditation. World-renowned and respected Qigong master Lam Kam Chuen will help paticipants overcome anxiety problems utilizing traditional Chinese energy-focusing exercises. With these exercises, participants will learn to transform feelings of anxiety into resilience and inner strength.

With the Qigong exercises of Master Lam Kam Chuen and the Taoist meditation shown by Lam Tin Yu, you will think about anxiety, and yourself, in a different
way-as a whole. You'll also learn to stop resisting moments of anxiety and other strong emotions, but rather to embrace them within the larger flow of your body's
energy field. By doing this, you will ultimately strengthen and cultivate the natural energy you possess.

Saturday, 31 May 14:00- 17:30 and Sunday, 1 June 10:00-17:00, Istanbul.  £ 150.

13-15 June 2014: Satsang with Stuart Schwartz, Cyprus

13 June 19:00-21:00, 14 and 15 June 15:00-19:00. Gonyeli, Cyprus. Total cost for three days €85 including refreshments.

"Satsang, either in a group or individually, is a meeting to honor the truth of one’s nature. This state of being is everyone’s nature. It is everyone’s truth. It is called by many names – Self, Beingness, the state of Love, Oneness, Consciousness, Omniscience.

In satsang one naturally leaves the assumed reality of separation from the whole. The belief that one is separate from the whole functioning of the universe is generally held to be true. That means that the belief in right and wrong, good and bad, happy and sad, justice and injustice becomes the law that one lives by and is assumed to be real. We are living under the assumed concept that everything seen, heard, felt and thought is the truth.
Satsang expands our awareness into the ultimate truth.
Satsang can meet any limiting belief or life situation that opposes this and inhibits living freely.

What my teaching involves is seeing how the personal conditioning and emotional states holds one as a separate individual and for the Oneness to meet it. When this happens the true power meets the imposter and the false gets dissolved. What results is a clear seeing and an expansion of heart awareness."
 (from www.satsangwithstuart.com )

Logistics: The Satsang will take place at Gonyeli, Lefkosa (Nicosia) in Northern Cyprus. If you are coming from abroad, the closest airport is "Lefkosa, Ercan Airport". Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Atlas Jet have regular flights from different parts of the world to "Lefkosa, Ercan Airport" through Istanbul. The venue is half an hour away from the airport and there is a shuttle between the airport and the city centre. A taxi from the airport to city centre costs around 50 Turkish Lira (about 20 Euro).

Another alternative is "Larnaca Airport" in South Cyprus  which receives more direct flights but is one hour drive away with no shuttle to North Cyprus. A pre-arranged taxi (if you give Tarik your flight details, he can do this for you) from Larnaca would cost around 60 Euro. If you don't arrange your taxi in advance, it will cost more because the driver will need to get a different insurance for the North.

tarikTarık Tekman

Tarik has graduated from Yildiz Teknik University, Electrical Engineering Department. He started to practise Tai Chi and Qigong in 2001.
He practiced Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung and Da Cheng Chuan with Master Lam Kam Chuen, The Work of Byron Katie with Byron Katie, Tai Chi with Li Hechun, Bert Hellinger Constellations and Fields of Grace with Stephen Victor, Ho'oponopono with Ihaleakala Hew Len.

He teaches Qigong and Tai Chi and facilitates The Work of Byron Katie in Cyprus and Turkey.

Contact: +90 533 841 80 00, tariktekman@gmail.com.